Cliff Fall between Freshwater & Burton …

Yesterday saw a large cliff fall along the beach from the café, about 400yds past Freshwater Holiday Park.

It is estimated that over 400tons of rocks fell, forming a pile approximately 10m high. Unfortunately, a walker was caught up in the fall and has been recovered from the scene after a long search and rescue effort by all of the local emergency services. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of all concerned.

The area is known for its iconic Limestone Cliffs, part of the Jurassic Coast which glow golden in the sunshine, but the area is no stranger to erosion, with 2 other major cliff falls within the last few years. In February this year a similar cliff fall took place at the Burton Bradstock end of the cliffs, fortunately with no casualties.

This morning the beach between West Bay and Burton Bradstock that is underneath the cliffs is closed. The beaches either side are fully open as are both the Hive at Burton Bradstock and here, at the Watch House.

At West Bay, East Beach is fully open and today the local Lifeguard Team are hosting a Sandcastle Competition. At Burton Bradstock, Cogden Beach is fully open with easy access from the National Trust car park there and Cogden Beach is cliff-free.

Here are a few images of the cliff fall.

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